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FTechX develops technically excellent products for advanced avocational underwater photographers.   Our background is in diving, avocational photography, and advanced-degree technology development. 

Our goal is to provide fellow divers with
  • information on dive-relevant new  technology, and
  • cost-effective, quality products incorporating the most advanced current technology.  

Periodically check our Technology Blog section for new entries. Understanding technical basics will help underwater photographers make informed decisions about our and competitive products. 

The economy has not been a great for many people nor for many small companies like FTechX

The USA economy is getting better but still has a way to go. FTechX was hit by a double whammy -- the economy AND technical delays in launching new FTechX products. 

The future should be much, MUCH better for
ALL of us. 

2000+ Status:      D
esign of the 2000+ lumen videolight and battery pod is ongoing .









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